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The devices that some certain western Countries are simply, frequently and heedlessly exploited under disguise of human rights for their political ends.
But rankings that push individual colleges to heedlessly raise prices help precipitate a collective crisis that threatens to undermine institutions that are vital to the nation's future prosperity and civic life.
One might think of the first half of the twentieth century as one of those times when things got dramatically worse: the Great World Depression sandwiched between two World Wars--and all these global disasters following upon the heels of the nineteenth century's "Century of Progress," when humankind proclaimed that something like the eschaton was in the immediate offing and then proceeded like a herd of lemmings heedlessly to race off the cliff into the abyss of what was the most hideously stupid war in human history, the so-called "Great War," that is, World War I, which concluded really only with World War II.
One can argue that all this is needless Italian over-engineering, but anyone who's been on a dove hunt has a story of some eager beaver heedlessly clearing an autoloader by cycling shells through the chamber, usually with the safety off.
Looking at The Calling, 2008, in which a sharply dressed, clean-cut couple strolls heedlessly into a miragelike shimmer of countryside, a vast female nude rearing up in front of them, seemingly from another dimension, neat resolutions seem a distant prospect indeed.
Not that I bought this stuff heedlessly, but simply because there's so much of it now that I no longer know what exactly I have.
He too sought NATO membership and heedlessly invited Israeli military "specialists" to modernise his country's armed forces in anticipation of a battle with Russia.
The Hawaiian Islands, buffalo heedlessly grazing atop the great Yellowstone caldera.
Totally ignoring our signals to stop, they shot past heedlessly.
At the center of the intrigue are a cabal of ruthless oil brokers who heedlessly poison the land with their toxins, in this modern-day parable of greed and ruthlessness.
Even if the E&S carriers are able to control themselves, and don't chase market share and invest capital heedlessly, there is another key player in this tightrope drama.
So the lead Blackwater vehicle smashed heedlessly into the car, pushing it into the barrier.