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Within the Gomphocerinae (Acrididae), the second most abundant subfamily, Orphulella concinnula (Walker, 1870) (n = 78), Orphulella punctata (De Geer, 1773) (n = 59) and Orphulella elongata Bruner, 1911 (n = 2) were captured in forest-edge areas with plenty of light and are considered heliophilous species.
The understory is usually dominated by Bocconia frutescens, and other heliophilous plants also accompany this species.
Photosynthetic responses of heliophilous Rhus species to environmental modification by invasive shrubs.
Heliophilous or pioneer tree species increased and the shade-tolerant species were reduced in fragmented forests (Zhu et al.
Birches are heliophilous species with a wide ecological range (COSTA TENORIO & al.
Notes on four mediterranean Cortinarius fruiting in sclerophilous and heliophilous plant ecosystems.
Consequently, heliophilous shrubs like Cistus ladanifer and Genista hystrix reach a high cover naturally in these forests and increase their proneness to wildfires.
The grass layer is composed of high clones of Urtica dioica, Impatiens glandulifera, Phalaris arundinacea, and other nitratophilous, heliophilous species.
The steep slope allows lateral light penetration and heliophilous species to grow even within multilayer forest-like phytocoenoses.
It also joins up with the cipres de la cordillera (Austrocedrus chilensis), a more heliophilous and to a certain extent xerophilous species.