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Both Purgatory and Hell are bad outcomes for investors," writes Inker.
Gohmert seemed troubled by Lynn's view of hell and demanded to know, "Do you believe in sharing the good news that will keep people from going to hell, consistent with Christian beliefs?
Also in "Go to Hell," multiple acts of vengeance will be carried out as more than one person will face the consequences of their actions.
One of our members is Catholic, and she seemed both surprised and relieved when I told her that the late Pope John Paul H once said he believes that hell is not a physical place but a state of being.
Hell rubbed shoulders with artists like Larry Rivers, Jasper Johns, and Willem de Kooning.
On occasions I've felt that I have sunk to the central zone of the ninth circle of that hell - reserved for traitors of various kinds.
Same thing with the expression that will soon be heard again in the land (unless you live in the Deep South) - "cold as hell.
They had to share the bash with Dale and a beret-wearing Darnell, but were able to tuck into bread, cheese and wine (or cloudy lemonade for nondrinking Luke) before returning to the Hell side of the Big Brother house.
Horror fans will like Hell Girl's urban-legend-run-amok premise.
More than 20 Chinese religious prints and paintings depicting the Buddhist and Daoist concepts of heaven or hell as well as deities worshipped by believers are on exhibit at the Herman Herzog Levy Gallery at Toronto's Royal Ontario Museum until May 2007.
Michael Eric Dyson's Come Hell or High Water lays out all the substantial issues, while Douglas Brinkely and Jed Horne provide the rich narrative accounts that force you to relive the moment through the lives of several representative individuals.
It's really no surprise the road to Hell is all downhill.