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day lilies

day lilies

Very showy flower (no spots) appearing to have 6 petals (3 petals, 3 sepals that look like petals), inside of flower yellow, outside orange, 6 stamens. Multitude of color varieties. Slightly sweet with a mild vegetable flavor, like asparagus, zucchini and melon. Cut the sweet petals away from the bitter white base of the flower. In the spring, use very young shoots as a substitute for asparagus. NOTE: Many Lilies are NOT edible. Double check and research the ones you have. Day lilies may have diuretic or laxative effect. Don’t overdo it.
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From Picayune to Corinth, there are official daylily display gardens registered by the American Hemerocallis Society in just about every part of the state.
They even have their own fan club in The American Hemerocallis Society.
The following is a list of both nectar and host plants: Achillea, allium, antirrhinum, aquilegia, armeria, artemesia, ascelepia, boltonia, buddleia, campanula, caryopteris, centranthus, chelone, coreopsis delphinium, dianthus, digitalis, echinacea, erigerion, erynigium, eupatorium, foeniciculum, gaillardia, gaura, helenium, hemerocallis, hypericum, hyssops, inula, leucanthemum, liatris, lobelia, lychnis, lysimachia, malva, monarda, nepeta, origanum, penstemon, perovskia, phlox, physotegia, rudbekia, rue, salix, salvia, sedum, sempervivum, thalictrum, thymus, valeriana, veronica, veronicastrum, humulus, loncera, campsis, loncera, and viola.
This week's online offer is five Hemerocallis for just PS4.
Customers will find essentials such as Clematis, Hosta, Hemerocallis (Daylily), and Peony in this catalog, and much more on the Harris Seeds website.
Abutilon Orange Bell and hemerocallis look splendid among the blues of veronica spicata and campanula rapunculoides.
Other stunning additions to the border which do well in lightly shaded areas are hemerocallis (day lily), astilbe and astrantia.
There are approximately 60,000 hybrids registered with the American Hemerocallis Society, many worth trying.
The Web site of the American Hemerocallis Society (www.
Fibrously-rooted perennials such as hostas, Hemerocallis and asters, are best divided using two forks placed back-to-back.