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Its flagship product, HEMOBLAST Bellows, is a unique haemostatic solution, ready to use (no preparation time needed, no need to mix, no heat required), usable once or several times during the surgery.
We found that regeneration starts with a rapid healing response characterized by hemocyte aggregation and infiltration of immunocytes, followed by increased activity of hemoblasts, recruitment of macrophage-like cells for clearing the tissues of debris, and their subsequent disappearance from the circulation concomitant with the maturation of a single regenerated adult.
In some solitary ascidians, it principally occurs in small static clusters of hemoblasts located in the lining of the hemocoel, particularly around the pharyngeal basket (Ermak, 1982).
Prior to hemoblast cell formation, anti-FGF2 stained cells were not detected (50 serially sectioned juveniles were examined), and anti-EGF immunoreactive cells were not observed at day 2 or day 5 of development (30 serially sectioned juveniles were examined).
Hemoblasts in colonial tunicates: Are they stem cells or tissue-restricted progenitor cells?
Such hematopoietic proliferation was detected directly by increased 3H-thymidine uptake and is also indicated by the specific increase observed in the frequency of small hemocytes, a population that includes immature hemoblasts derived from hematopoiesis (Ermak, 1982; Rinkevich and Rabinowitz, 1993; Wright, 1981).