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(invertebrate zoology)
The circulating fluid of the open circulatory systems of many invertebrates.



a fluid that circulates in the vessels and intercellular spaces of many invertebrates with an open system of blood circulation, such as arthropods and mollusks.

Hemolymph performs the same functions as blood and lymph in animals with a closed circulatory system (some worms, vertebrates). It transports oxygen and carbon dioxide, nutrients, and secretory products. It is rich in organic substances, including proteins, and frequently contains the respiratory pigments hemocyanin and hemoglobin. Hemolymph also contains cellular elements of various structure and function (phagocytes, excretory cells, and, in some cases, erythrocytes).

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Potential effects of nutritional conditions on zebra mussel hemocyte functions were assessed from hemolymphatic samples.
Our previous results showed that ablating the eyestalks from blue crabs (Callinectes sapidus), to remove the endogenous source of MIH and activate Y-organs, led to an increase in Ca++ in Y-organ cells; associated with the increase in intracellular Ca++ was a significant increase in the hemolymphatic ecdysteroid titer.
There are two stages of HAT; the hemolymphatic stage (the early stage) and encephalitic/ CNS stage (the second, late stage).
The respiratory organ is composed of a series of flattened air-filled cuticular plates, the lamellae, which are projected into a hemolymphatic sinus.
Chapters on reproductive, polysystemic, and hemolymphatic problems, as well as infectious diseases, are included.