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in the Bible, man who was to have a memorial in the temple.

What does it mean when you dream about a hen?

The hen symbolizes gossip and calamity as well as being annoyingly pecked at by a person or a situation (“henpecked”).


(vertebrate zoology)
The female of several bird species, especially gallinaceous species.


1. the female of any bird, esp the adult female of the domestic fowl
2. the female of certain other animals, such as the lobster
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Gautby Henpecked, beaten 62 lengths in a novice hurdle at Hexham earlier in the week, appreciated the drop in class in the Harry and Edith Young Novices Selling Handicap Hurdle and gained a 10-1 success.
The dish is on the menu with Wham, Bam, Thank You Lamb and Henpecked Chicken pie at Mad O'Rourkes in Tipton, West Mids.
Written by the man himself, ``The Bank Dick'' finds Fields as Egbert Souse, an out-of-work henpecked husband who accidentally nabs a bank robber and is rewarded with a job he doesn't want.
Henpecked hubby Jack, alias Bill Tarmey, forgets his 33 years of nagging by Vera, played by Liz Dawn, and breaks down as he walks to the service.
Quartet would be a good word for us,'' said Bill Irwin, nominated for his portrayal of the embittered, henpecked husband in ``Virginia Woolf.
I'd thought her dad was a bit of a joke because he's so henpecked, but I'll end up just like him.
Gleason makes Nathan a henpecked hustler who doesn't over-punch the character's ``why me
People say he's henpecked, but he gave as good as he got.
But he made TV millions laugh in the 50s as henpecked Alf in The Larkins.
A HENPECKED husband who hurled a frozen ready meal at his wife, breaking her cheekbone, walked free from court yesterday.
Brent Hinkley is a splendidly henpecked Noah during the Flood and the Fool at the Raising of Lazarus.
Psychologists have discovered six types of drinker - henpecked, sex-mad, pompous, deep-thinking, uptight or Jack the Lad.