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Here's one of the occurrences: "There are only four superputters out here.
It is a pleasure to be here tonight I just want to talk very briefly.
It seems that the singer and axe man from them Blacks we was hypin' up has done gone on to a finer place than this here ball of crud we're residin' on.
Here are some ideas about how to structure group and individual instruction for maximum benefit.
Following the keynote sessions, top IT and business executives including Linda Dillman of Wal-Mart, Paul Singer of Target Corporation, Dick Lampman of Hewlett-Packard Company, and Mike O'Shea of Kimberly-Clark Corporation discussed critical issues around RFID adoption during an interactive panel discussion, "EPC Here and Now - A Fireside Chat about RFID.
Here, our experts explain how to get him off the sofa and into a pair of Marigolds - letting you put your feet up.
But here are some of the most crimson of red flags:
Grammy winner Alicia Keys said onstage, "It is important that we're here for each other and make support for public education our priority" Keys relates to the issue on a personal level, as her younger brother's school has already discontinued some programs due to budget cuts.
The tracking stock proposal amounts to a clear admission by management that Loews' structure as a conglomerate has obscured the full value of Loews' highly profitable Lorillard tobacco subsidiary," said Matthew Walker, HERE General Vice President.