herring gull

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herring gull

a common gull, Larus argentatus, that has a white plumage with black-tipped wings and pink legs

Herring Gull


(Larus argentatus), a bird of the order Char-adriiformes. The body is about 60 cm long and weighs 0.8–1.5 kg. The herring gull is predominantly white, with a blue-gray back and black wing tips marked with white. The bill is yellow, and there is a red spot on the gonys. The herring gull inhabits northern and temperate latitudes of Europe, Asia, and North America. In the USSR the bird inhabits seas (except the seas of the Far East), large rivers, and lakes. The herring gull is a migratory bird in the north. It nests in colonies on the ground or on rocks. A clutch contains two or three eggs, which are incubated for 25 to 27 days. The herring gull feeds on aquatic invertebrates, fishes, rodents, carrion, and berries; in some places it does great harm by destroying the nests of other birds, for example, eiders.

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We discovered a Lesser Black-backed Gull X Herring Gull pair on Appledore Island, Maine, in 2007 (Ellis et al.
Herring gull numbers have declined over recent years with more than half the UK breeding population confined to fewer than 10 sites in the UK.
Such behaviour characterises the very soul of the herring gull, which is hallmarked by opportunism and an ability to be at home in a variety of environments.
The Herring Gull is an opportunist species that is quick to learn and ready to take advantage of a variety of food sources," the literature says.
The main species of gull we see in Middlesbrough is the herring gull.
RSPB On north Wirral, a possible American herring gull would be a big rarity if confirmed, and popular if it proved less mobile
The herring gull has been almost as successful as human at adapting to the urban environment, they see buildings as artificial cliffs and an ideal place to breed.
Structure of the New England Herring Gull population.
Herring Gull went on to win the Irish Grand National that same year, and the trainer's other three winners of that F airyhouse Easter highlight were Vulpine (1967), Dim Wit (1972) and Luska (1981).
FOXES A recent population explosion has led to an estimated 33,000 urban foxes in Britain; BADGER Spotted sometimes; SPARROWHAWK Birdwatchers' favourite but can be vicious; HERRING GULL You know this winter visitor is around by its loud squawking; OTTERS Cleaner rivers and fewer pesticides mean there are now otters present in more than 100 towns and cities; ROE DEER An increasingly common sight; MAGPIE Rare 30 years ago, the magpie can be seen in most gardens; SQUIRREL; Grey variety are townies; PEREGRINE FALCON The soaring bird is a magnificent new sight for wildlife lovers in our towns
Poppy, a nine-year-old Yorkshire terrier was attacked by a herring gull in her owner's Devon garden and left to bleed to death with a fractured skull.
The herring gull Larus argentatus as a likely transmitting agent of Salmonella montevideo to sheep and cattle.