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herring gull

a common gull, Larus argentatus, that has a white plumage with black-tipped wings and pink legs

Herring Gull


(Larus argentatus), a bird of the order Char-adriiformes. The body is about 60 cm long and weighs 0.8–1.5 kg. The herring gull is predominantly white, with a blue-gray back and black wing tips marked with white. The bill is yellow, and there is a red spot on the gonys. The herring gull inhabits northern and temperate latitudes of Europe, Asia, and North America. In the USSR the bird inhabits seas (except the seas of the Far East), large rivers, and lakes. The herring gull is a migratory bird in the north. It nests in colonies on the ground or on rocks. A clutch contains two or three eggs, which are incubated for 25 to 27 days. The herring gull feeds on aquatic invertebrates, fishes, rodents, carrion, and berries; in some places it does great harm by destroying the nests of other birds, for example, eiders.

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Retired lorry driver and music shop worker Clive Cresswell appeared before Wirral magistrates' court charged with intentionally injuring the herring gull, a protected species, on June 5.
In 2009, there were approximately 660 pairs of Herring Gulls and 539 pairs of Great Black-backed Gulls on the island (JCE, unpubl.
The next time you pass a playing field or park and see a flock of feeding herring gulls, it is worth stopping for a moment to observe their behaviour.
Later in the season, the herring gulls switched their attention from guillemots to Arctic terns, black-headed gulls and eider ducks.
IWAS working in the garden at the weekend when the herring gulls overhead suddenly went into panic mode.
In addition to the large print life cycle story with detailed, accurate illustrations of herring gulls and other creatures of the Atlantic seashore, a paragraph of added information about the herring gull, plus a brief glossary and list of other inhabitants of the Atlantic seashore and ocean found in the illustrations is given.
Only a very sick mind dwells on the reproductive habits of herring gulls.
uk/buyaphoto or call (0191) 201 6001 A BIRD once mummified by the ancient Egyptians and worshipped as their lunar god Thoth, spent the summer stranded thousands of miles from home after crash landing in South Shields Middle Dock following an aerial assault from herring gulls.
At the Fowlsheugh reserve in Aberdeenshire, fulmars, herring gulls and kittiwakes did well this year.
And townies can now see soaring peregrine falcons, magnificent if vicious sparrow hawks and, in the winter, squawking herring gulls.