hesperis matronalis

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dame's rocket

dame's rocket

Also called Sweet Rocket or Dame's Violet. This plant is often mistaken for Phlox (which has five petals), Dame's Rocket has just four. Flowers are purple, pink or white. Leaves have short hairs on both sides, making them feel rough. The plant is part of the mustard family, which also includes radishes, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and, mustard. The plant, leaves and flowers are edible, but fairly bitter. The seed can also be sprouted and added to salads. One way to identify a plant from the mustard family (all of which are edible) is the flowers have 4 petals with 6 stamens–4 tall and 2 short. NOTE: It is not the same variety as the herb commonly called Rocket, (Arugula) a salad green.
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A cyclamen, above | Hesperis matronalis, which is fondly referred to as sweet rocket or dame's violet, referring to its fragrance
TURNING SOUR: Sweet rocket, Hesperis matronalis, which has finished flowering can look a bit unhappy and spoil the fresh look that other early flowers give.
The herbaceous layer is rich in forbs, including Agrimonia parviflora, Eupatorium perfoliatum, Floerkea proserpinacoides, Galium aparine, Hesperis matronalis, Impatiens capensis, Laportea canadensis, Lysimachia ciliata, L.
Schwedleri, Alnus glutinosa, Asparagus officinalis, Berberis thunbergii, Betula nigra, Campanula rapunculoides, Chaenomeles speciosa, Chelidonium majus, Convallaria majalis, Euonymus fortunei, Hesperis matronalis, Iris germanica, Lespedeza bicolor, Lonicera tatarica, Narcissus poeticus, N.