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A secondary aim was to culture aerobic heterotrophic bacteria from these tissues and then identifiy any indole-producing bacteria using 16S rRNA sequencing.
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Identification of selected bacteria was carried out in the non-rhizosphere root associated soil sample and the maximum heterotrophic bacteria was 247X[10.
Sensitivity of simulated soil heterotrophic respiration to temperature and moisture reduction functions.
That allows us to examine dissolved organic carbon from a known biological source that has not been consumed or altered in any way by heterotrophic activity.
5] CFU/mL) tower resulted in a 2 log reduction in the planktonic heterotrophic bacteria population within three days of maintaining approximately 1 ppm free chlorine residual.
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Analysis of variance (ANOVA) was used to compare the changes in the different panels by means of cultivatable heterotrophic bacteria, and then the Tukey Honesty nonparametric test was chosen for further analysis.
Certain heterotrophic mycobacteria can be cultivated even in nutrient agar (16).