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(hĕt'ərōzī`gōt): see geneticsgenetics,
scientific study of the mechanism of heredity. While Gregor Mendel first presented his findings on the statistical laws governing the transmission of certain traits from generation to generation in 1856, it was not until the discovery and detailed study of the
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a cell or organism having in its hereditary set (genotype) different forms (alleles) of a given gene.

A heterozygote is the result of the union of gametes of different genetic composition, each of which brings its own alleles to the zygote. For example, homozygous types AA and aa form gametes A and a respectively. The heterozygote obtained by the hybridization of AA and aa always forms mixed gametes (A and a). Crossing this type with itself or with the recessive parental type aa produces offspring of two types—phenotypic A and phenotypic a. The splitting of the heterozygote proceeds according to Mendel’s law. The preservation of the heterozygote is of significance in agriculture, since splitting often leads to the loss of valuable qualities. Almost all fruit trees are heterozygous; in order to avert splitting and the loss of valuable traits, they are bred by vegetative reproduction, apomixis, gynogenesis, or parthenogenesis.



An individual that has different alleles at one or more loci and therefore produces gametes of two or more different kinds with respect to their loci.
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Early studies on PCR product length showed that the best accuracy for heterozygote detection occurred when PCR products were <400 bp (10).
T1036I mutations: In exon 17a, T1036I mutation is reported as a heterozygote for the second time in the world.
We found significant effect modification of MT1M (rs9936471) heterozygous TC genotype, and MT1A (rs8052394) pooled heterozygote GA and homozygote variant GG genotypes on the relationship of hair mercury level with estimated daily MeHg intake from fish consumption.
The heterozygote patient for the G275>A substitution had a clinical feature with asymmetric and non-obstructive type of hypertrophy without family history.
In contrast, normal homozygote EMs (CYP2C19*1/*1 ) have both the normal alleles and heterozygote EMs have one normal allele that leads to the synthesis of active CYP2C19 enzyme leading to efficient metabolism of OPZ to 5-OH-OPZ.
Microsatellite loci also often show heterozygote deficiencies in bivalves (McGoldrick et al.
Based on our screening of more than 20000 patients for HFE gene mutations at a health appraisal clinic, we found the prevalence of H63D heterozygotes among our population of white subjects to be 22%.
What might the heterozygote advantage of cystic fibrosis be?
The CCR5 delta-32 heterozygote subject is enrolled in Sangamo's clinical trial (SB-728-902 Cohort 5) and, as part of the clinical trial protocol, is undergoing an ART treatment interruption (TI), which is ongoing.