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Similarly, if the application of saponin was preceded by the administration of hexamethonium, the strength of the contraction of stomach fundus strips induced by [alpha]-hederin was not modified.
n] antagonist, significantly inhibited the relatively small contractions induced by ACh, but hexamethonium had no effect upon the activity of either 5HT or DA (Table 2).
There's a lot at stake: whether one is an aspiring Watson or Crick at a university without a first-rate library, a doctor in a meningitis laboratory in Zimbabwe, or even just a participant in a Johns Hopkins study on hexamethonium.
Some of those volunteers would also be given hexamethonium, a so-called ganglionic blocker that would prevent signals from returning to the lungs--and, if the theory was right, stop the airways from reopening.
dioica, four groups of six SHR each were prepared for experimentation as outlined above but, autonomic ganglion (group 1), [alpha]-adrenoceptor (group 2), -[beta]adrenoceptor (group 3) and cholinergic receptor (group 4) blockades were produced by using a specific blocker (group 1: hexamethonium 20 mg/kg, group 2: phentolamine 2 mglkg, group 3: propranolol 0.
hexamethonium pretreatment, suggesting that it may result from vasodilatory action of EOAZ directly upon vascular smooth muscle rather than withdrawal of sympathetic tone (Lahlou et al.
It highlights the importance of health sciences librarians in light of librarians' roles in Hurricane Katrina and the Ellen Roche case, a volunteer in an asthma study who died after inhaling hexamethonium, a chemical that, if the researchers had gone back into the literature in the 1950s, would have been found to be dangerous.
Several agents are classically associated with drug-induced bronchiolitis (penicillamine, hexamethonium, busulphan), whereas others have bronchiolitis listed as an idiosyncratic reaction.
These were inhibited by atropine, hexamethonium and ondansetron suggesting that cholinergic and 5-H[T.
In the first set of experiments, the right vagus nerve was stimulated in 5 cats and the effects on heart rate were recorded: 1) before and after blockade of the PA ganglion with hexamethonium; and 2) after allowing time for the effects of hexamethonium to wear off.
MCAF was more potent than ACPF in contracting the colon, Hexamethonium (2.
injection of the ganglion blocker, hexamethonium (30 mg/kg body wt.