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A power-off mode that preserves the last state of the computer. Turning the computer on after hibernating eliminates booting the operating system and reloading all the applications and data.

When hibernate is activated, the contents of memory (RAM) are written to storage (hard disk, SSD) and the computer is turned off. When turned back on again, the previous memory state is read from storage, and all applications appear exactly as they did the moment hibernate was triggered.

Hibernate Vs. Sleep Mode
Hibernate is power off, whereas sleep mode is power on with the screen and hard disks turned off. In sleep mode, the RAM chips are constantly refreshed in order to retain their content, and the CPU is placed into a low-power state. Although restoring from hibernate is faster than a cold start, coming out of sleep is immediate. Turning the computer back on from either mode eliminates having to reload all applications and data.

Hybrid Modes
Some laptop computers invoke both modes automatically. When put into sleep mode by the user, the computer may automatically go into hibernate mode when the battery reaches a low level. An alternative hybrid mode activates hibernate when the computer enters sleep mode, but the computer is not turned off. If the battery runs out while in sleep mode, the contents of memory have already been saved. See memory.
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Hibernating bears have become popular medical subjects.
The shorter hibernating period was another threat which led to significant decline in the population of several species including marmots, chipmunks and brown bears, they said, adding that all these animals were either having shorter hibernating period or not hibernate at all due to global warming.
If you do find hibernating ones, it is best to move them to an unheated out-building, such as a garage or shed, or to a very sheltered corner of the garden.
The bat can survive by only taking around five breaths a minute while hibernating.
Grass snakes, slow worms and lots of different kinds of insects, such as butterflies and hornets, will all be hibernating as well.
A pre-hibernation health check with a vet is a wise precaution as it is essential that the tortoise is fit and healthy before hibernating.
Because of Oregon's climate, most bats are beginning to hibernate for winter this time of year, and if they were disturbed while hibernating, they likely won't be able to recover enough stored body fat to last them through the winter, Barnes said.
Washington, Feb 8 (ANI): It seems hibernating is much more complicated than one might think.
These mammals spend up to seven months of the year hibernating, during which time they are essentially immobile.
Underground roosts provide excellent conditions for hibernating bats because they provide a humid and cool microclimate and in these dark sites bats remain often undisturbed (Ryberg, 1947; Kuzyakin, 1950; Ling, 1953; Poots, 1956; Strelkov, 1958, 1971; Randla, 1969; Busa, 1984; Masing, 1984a, 1990; Baranauskas, 2006).
The rush is on to find the cause, French noted, because within three weeks hibernating bats disperse and migrate up to hundreds of miles to spend the summer.
Again, those are so-called ``fast numbers'' released today that don't take into account who's watching the game at a sports bar, dorm room, restaurant, homeless shelter or prison -- more than likely, one of five places you ended up watching the Colts' sloppy win over the hibernating Bears.