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see hieroglyphichieroglyphic
[Gr.,=priestly carving], type of writing used in ancient Egypt. Similar pictographic styles of Crete, Asia Minor, and Central America and Mexico are also called hieroglyphics (see Minoan civilization; Anatolian languages; Maya; Aztec).
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23) that reads "paw-cakes of wheat, 70"; of the two possibilities, the transcription of 30 appears to be the correct reading of the hieratic.
Damascius famously paraphrased this divide when he writes: "To some philosophy is primary, as to Porphyry and Plotinus and a great many other philosophers; to others, hieratic practice, as to Iamblichus, Syrianus, Proclus and the hieratic school generally.
106-7 and 369): In spite of the author's remark, Cerny's reading of the date as "day 1" is to be preferred, since in hieratic the number "2" in month-days is not represented by two vertical strokes.
three main conclusions on the sources of the divergences from the monumental copies: (1) idiosyncratic writings of the copyist and his difficulties in understanding the hieratic of his exemplar; (2) alterations of grammar and syntax that reflect "more contemporary language"; and (3) the errors that may well have been in the text Pentaweret set himself to copy.
Formally irreproachable in their attention to detail and compositional balance, the images show hieratic and frontal figures against a bare wall, with vivid and contrasting colors (the white, light pink, blue, and red of the garments; the black and white of the skin) and a light that chisels the features of the expressive faces, the texture of the wrinkles, the folds of the cloaks, and the carved grooves in the wooden chair.
It should be noted that Kurth has put much thought into the philological questions and even proposes a few new readings of the original hieratic text.
3), or indeed the hieratic splendour of the Head of an Akkadian ruler (Fig.
But the artist's signature creatures--with their spindly limbs, androgynous bodies, orbicular green heads, and brutal group antics--have mostly given way to a new race whose violently pink skins and hieratic placement on the paper seem to speak less about the ghastly comedy of societal cruelty and more about the eerie isolation of individuals.
The omission of rock inscriptions from major paleographies of cursive Egyptian scripts, such as Georg Moller's Hieratische Palaographie, has relegated the study of incised hieratic to the background, despite publications such as Zybnek Zaba's Rock Inscriptions of Lower Nubia that have made the first steps toward improving our understanding of hieratic paleography outside of papyrus sources.
The work approaches kitsch in its suggestion of a secular temple, but it usefully high-lights the degree to which Sieverding has appropriated the aesthetics of propaganda--imposing size, hieratic composition--in her practice as a whole (using, for example, billboard-size photos to critique nuclear proliferation or xenophobia in the "New Europe").
Row after row shows subjects flatly and frontally in hieratic poses with their eyes distorted or rendered as dark almonds or gray pools.