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Then get ready to release your inner ape as you take on the tree-top high wires and tricky crossings.
She performed this barefoot on a bed, with a bare-chested male dancer performing above and around her on a high wire.
They were like speed bumps," said Wallenda, who hopes to set another record by traversing the Grand Canyon on a high wire next year.
95, 10 minutes) is inspired by the daredevil feat of French aerialist Philippe Petit's 1974 high wire walk between the World Trade Center towers.
His biographer John Gray states that the qualities which made Paul Martin a successful businessman and a brilliant finance minister are not the qualities of a great prime minister; and that now he gives the impression of a desperate man on a high wire who suddenly realized that in the big job there is no safety net.
However, FCMM delivered on what has become an increasingly tricky high wire act.
So it's appropriate that Janine Antoni, a virtuoso of public displays of anxiety, learned to walk the high wire for a video commissioned by SITE Santa Fe for her career survey, "taught tether teeter.
Unfortunately, artistic director Rigot could not appear in his usual role of high wire artist because of an injury.
Fans around the world marveled at this glamorous Black woman with sparkly make-up and neon tights who danced on the high wire at the UniverSoul Circus, the world's first all-Black circus held recently on Chicago's South Side.
Famous High Wire Performer Continues His "Walk Across America"
Miami Seaquarium will thrill guests with its new summer show "Sky Riders" featuring daring motorcycle high wire and acrobatic stunts.
Summary: Tightrope walker Nik Wallenda wowed onlookers on Tuesday morning with a high wire walk over a Florida highway without a safety harness.