high-density concrete

high-density concrete, heavy concrete, heavyweight concrete

Concrete of exceptionally high unit weight, usually consisting of heavyweight aggregates; used esp. for radiation shielding.
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CEMEX in the USA demonstrated the benefits of using specialty high-density concrete versus steel sheeting for the radiation-proof walls of the X-ray room at a California Bay Area medical facility.
The opportunity to supply high-density concrete pushed us to focus on a safe and efficient method of producing concrete that took into account new and unusual challenges.
The tower is supported by a core of high-density concrete and offers large swathes of column-free space surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows.
The gravity anchors, which use high-density concrete mixed with iron ore aggregate, will he constructed at the Venture's King Bay Supply Base.
This reduces the weight of the bridge, and eliminates the costly high-density concrete cover, which is normally needed to protect rebar from chloride penetration.
Insulation and steel rebar are then put into place on the interior ceiling of the dome and covered with several layers of high-density concrete.
The 3/4-inch-thick slab consists of high-density concrete reinforced with plastic mesh.
This facility will also produce commercial quantities of specialized high-density concrete for shielding radioactive and toxic waste.
Knap is Manager of Sales and Operations of Trican Industrial Services Limited which has developed high-density concrete for radiation shielding and solidification of radioactive waste-water.

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