high-speed exit

high-speed taxiway (HST)

high-speed taxiway (HST)
A long radius taxiway designed and provided with lighting or a marking to define the paths of aircraft, traveling at high speed (up to 60 knots), from the runway center to a point on the center of a taxiway. The high-speed taxiway is designed to expedite aircraft turning off the runway after landing, thus reducing runway occupancy time. Also called a long radius exit, high-speed exit, high-speed turnoff, rapid exit taxiway, or turnoff taxiway.
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The regulations made the Taxiway B's high-speed exit nonstandard and, thus, ineligible for FAA funds.
Pistol-boy's jaw drops like a drawbridge; he momentarily freezes like a deer caught in the headlights, then his feet take over without any command from the brain and he almost falls trying to make a clumsy high-speed exit.
25 years ago MIDDLESBROUGH firemen made a high-speed exit from Radio One's fundraising Children In Need leaving DJ Mike Smith holding 1,000 Gazette balloons.
The funding, which covers the period from 2009 to 2016, will be used to make a series of taxiway improvements including the construction of two new taxiways, extending or improving six others and creating new high-speed exit taxiways.
Investment Condition: This project is located in the geographic center of Beijing and Tianjin, just 3 km from Beijing high-speed exit and is near to Langfang Third Avenue.
Market analysis:Hebei Langfang modern service industry park is 10 km away from Langfang city center, 70 km away from Tianjin, 25 kilometers from the city of Beijing; from the capital of the two airport 20 kilometers, be apart from Beijing high-speed exit 7 minutes be richly endowed by nature, geographical location and traffic lead in all directions, and the superior natural environment, the high-end positioning, industry wide developmentspace, many modern service industry projects gathered gold region.
Construction Conditions: The project site is located near the Xianghe County of Hebei Province, Beijing Shenyang high-speed exit two immediate high-speed, convenient traffic, land leveling, free enterprise and surrounding villages, convenient construction and future development planning.
A parallel taxiway and associated entrance, exit and high-speed exit taxiways connect the new facility to the existing airfield, while the former south runway, which includes sections of original 1928 pavement, will be converted to a taxiway after the new runway opens.
The ramp is designed to allow for high-speed exit from Highway 1 (westbound) onto Highway 46 (northbound).
The ramps are designed to allow for high-speed exit from Highway 1 onto Highway 48 (southbound) and high-speed entry onto Highway 1 from Highway 48 (eastbound).
Phase-3 will include constructing a 500,000-passenger terminal in addition to a full length taxiway with high-speed exits, 100,000-tonne air cargo terminal and catering facility.
The authority s Runway Development Project (RDP), a civil effort with a budget of US$565 million (C$620 million), established the new, 14,000-foot parallel runway with a Category IIIa Instrument Landing System, a taxiway system that includes high-speed exits, underpass structures at Taxiway R and Taxiway J, airfield lighting, controls and a new Field Electric Center.

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