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This high-strength alloy reportedly offers superior durability, faster machining, lighter weight, and faster molding cycles due to high thermal conductivity.
Tenders are invited for Description Aluminium Stretcher Made Of High-Strength Alloy Tubular Bars Provided With Canvas Top- Fitted With Four Legs With Load Bearing Capacity Of 160 Kgs- Foldable With Both Widthwise And Lengthwise As Single Fold.
The visual appeal of the car is completed by an all-new lightweight 21-inch wheel, machine-forged from high-strength alloy and finished in gloss black.
com/prnh/20130307/600769 Magnesium which is featured with low density and high strength can form high-strength alloy with aluminum, copper, zinc and other metals as an important alloying element.
45 ACE The standard high-strength alloy receiver is supplied with either a 9" Picatinny rail, or with an integrated detachable 1.
Designed for heavy-duty subsea applications, the Rotork WGS quarter-turn gearbox features a worm shaft supported on tapered roller bearings, a high-strength alloy steel worm screw, and a membrane- or piston- type pressure compensator to enable operation at any depth.
Victor Technologies' Victor ST400 straight torch incorporates the Victor 400 series handle that uses a high-strength alloy material for durability and features an ergonomic shape to improve operator comfort.
The first map to use the name "America," this crown jewel of cartography, which measures more than four feet by eight feet when assembled from its 12 separate sheets, will be secured in a state-of-the-art encasement made from Alcoa's 6013 Power Plate[TM] alloy, a high-strength alloy with superior machining characteristics.
Among the alloys supplied will be an RMI-developed high-strength alloy designated 6-22-22.
5059, Aleris' high-strength alloy designed to withstand corrosive environments.
The blast shield was designed with Alcoa's 2040 aluminum armor, a high-strength alloy that doesn't fracture and resists blasts without failure or cracking.
Campbell Grinder's grinding products are used to machine and finish high-strength alloy components for custom-engineered products and engineering solutions used in the aerospace, land-based turbines, automotive, power generation, and defense sectors.