high-tech regions

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high-tech regions

The following areas with a high concentration of computer, electronics or Internet companies have been given their own nicknames. The premier location in the world is Silicon Valley in California, south of San Francisco. See also high-tech people.

Name             Location Silicon Valley   Northern California

  Silicon Beach    Southern California

  Silicon Alley    New York City

  Nerd Street      Philadelphia

  Silicon Forest   Northern Oregon

  Silicon Prairie  Austin, Texas

  Silicon Desert   Phoenix, Arizona

  Silicon Slopes   Salt Lake City, Utah

  Silliwood        Hollywood

  Silicon Glen     Scotland

  Silicon Wadi     Israel

  Bit Valley       Tokyo
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It also extends its chemical expertise into high-tech areas such as electronic materials, water desalination and rechargeable batteries for electric vehicles and ESS.
CEO Mauro Moretti told the Financial Times the job cuts would mostly be a result of asset disposals, including the sale of the train unit AnsaldoBreda, as the group focuses on high-tech areas in aerospace and defence.
Putin during the meeting stressed the need to expand cooperation in high-tech areas.
In addition to offices and workshops, the Central Materials Technology department one of Lufthansa Technik's most important high-tech areas will be sited at the new complex, and will include a completely new chemistry lab.
This is the long-term gambit--along with the possibility that Cuba could become a secondary 'value added' manufacturer in specific high-tech areas like genetics, biosciences and computer sciences," he said.
On the economic front, Medvedev requested that the two countries boost tie-ups in the energy, transport and high-tech areas, according to the delegation source.
New businesses emerged and outside investment increased, particularly in financial services sector and in electronics and high-tech areas.
Toyota and GM have formed close partnership in high-tech areas since they set up a joint auto production venture in California in 1984.
According to a report from the University of New Hampshire's Whittemore School of Business and Economics, some high-tech areas in the H.
Around 23% of all patent applications filed with the EPO relate to subject-matter in high-tech areas as defined by the OECD: for example, aerospace technology and microelectronics.
The focus of the bioenergy centers will be for top researchers in high-tech areas to work together on the energy problem.
Embryos, eggs, and sperm are the stuff of a booming cattle genetics business in Brazil, one of a host of high-tech areas that ranchers have embraced to catapult the country to the top of the global beef industry.