high-tech regions

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high-tech regions

The following areas with a high concentration of computer, electronics or Internet companies have been given their own nicknames. The premier location in the world is Silicon Valley in California, south of San Francisco. See also high-tech people.

Name             Location Silicon Valley   Northern California

  Silicon Beach    Southern California

  Silicon Alley    New York City

  Nerd Street      Philadelphia

  Silicon Forest   Northern Oregon

  Silicon Prairie  Austin, Texas

  Silicon Desert   Phoenix, Arizona

  Silicon Slopes   Salt Lake City, Utah

  Silliwood        Hollywood

  Silicon Glen     Scotland

  Silicon Wadi     Israel

  Bit Valley       Tokyo
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Therefore, we were interested in determining whether samples of human resources from low-tech and high-tech regions would differ on the four dimensions of societal culture.
Alternatively, high-tech firms within the low-tech region might choose to hire technology-oriented resources from traditionally high-tech regions.
Index data can be used to analyze economic changes in Austin and other high-tech regions.
Similar to publishers of indexes developed for other high-tech regions, the Bureau of Business Research plans to issue short reports annually, using information from the Austin Index to highlight the city's advances in three broad categories: economic development, the environment, and the well-being of its citizens.
Census of Population to compare wage and wage inequality data between 1980 and 1990, (3) we can compare wage and wage inequality trends in Austin during this period with other high-tech regions.
Shen also gave his thoughts on the current state of development in Singapore and Malaysia's Multimedia Super Corrider - two other prominent high-tech regions in Asia.
The program will be housed in two CommerceNet NGI Application Centers, each located near high-tech regions of Northern and Southern California.
Our philosophy has been to establish ourselves wherever our clients work, seeking out the high-tech regions of those areas.
For the past several years, I've observed how in high-tech regions such as Seattle the growth of the technology industry has added thousands of jobs to the economy.
Extending our sales and recruiting capabilities into the nation's hottest high-tech regions is a very important objective for Hall Kinion," commented Brenda Hall, CEO.
New BTAs Cover High-Tech Regions of Seattle; Portland, Ore.