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high water

[′hī ¦wȯd·ər]

High Water


the relatively prolonged and significant rise in the water level of a river; it occurs each year at the same season. High water is usually associated with the overflowing of the channel and flooding of the floodplain. It is caused by prolonged, intensified influx of water from the spring melting of snow on plains, the summer thawing of snow and glaciers in mountains, or heavy seasonal rains (for example, related to summer monsoons). High water caused by the spring thaw is typical for rivers that flow through plains. They include rivers in which spring runoff is predominant (for example, the Volga and Ural) and rivers in which summer runoff is greater (for example, the Anadyr’, Yukon, and Mackenzie). High water caused by summer thawing of mountain snow and ice is typical of the rivers of Middle Asia, the Caucasus, and the Alps. High water caused by summer monsoonal rains characterizes the rivers of Southeast Asia (for example, the Yangtze and Mekong).

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Added protection, normally mandated by your insurance policy, should be a bilge high-water alarm--which can be as simple as a float switch coupled to a loud horn.
Weather experts say the high-water threat has been increasing in recent years as heavier rains have hit northern Italy.
The first benchmark figures are based on Intentia's high-water customer order benchmark, which measures the speed and accuracy with which Movex processes customer orders.
Which is not to say it's not worth it (though you might want to save your money for the impending goody-filled DVD release): Directed by Martin Scorsese and aided and abetted by Band leader Robbie Robertson, ``The Last Waltz,'' even before its soundtrack was cleaned up and made pristine, was one of the high-water marks in the concert-film genre.
While it is certainly true that venture capital investments have tailed off from last year's high-water mark, and the economic climate has changed considerably since then, there is no shortage of deals to be done," David added.
The bottom line is that Democrats have shrewdly determined they have hit a high-water mark with the number of seats they control in the state Legislature.
BrainTron II is the new high-water mark for vector classifiers," states Charles Hooge, VP-Research and Development for BrainTech, "it can be used in any application where the operator can no longer perform classification manually due to constraints in time or complexity.
Off-roaders will be able to drive around below the reservoir high-water mark, between the toad-closure fences at the southern end of the reservoir and the remaining water, officials said.
14, 1996--Bausch & Lomb (NYSE/BOL) announced today it has acquired Award plc, a Scotland-based company which manufactures and markets a high-water, daily disposable soft contact lens.
The Clippers, who selected center Michael Olowokandi with the first pick last year, hope to equal this season's high-water mark for consecutive victories by winning their second lottery in a row.
This new design represents the high-water mark for silicon technology in over-sampled converter performance," said John Steininger, Vice President of Engineering.
It's a high-water mark in the movement for democratic self-determination.