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1. a conspicuous and often rounded natural elevation of the earth's surface, less high or craggy than a mountain
2. over the hill Military slang absent without leave or deserting


1. Archibald Vivian. 1886--1977, British biochemist, noted for his research into heat loss in muscle contraction: shared the Nobel prize for physiology or medicine (1922)
2. Damon Graham Devereux, son of Graham Hill. born 1960, British motor-racing driver; Formula One world champion (1996)
3. David Octavius 1802--70, Scottish painter and portrait photographer, noted esp for his collaboration with the chemist Robert Adamson (1821-- 48)
4. Geoffrey (William). born 1932, British poet: his books include King Log (1968), Mercian Hymns (1971), The Mystery of the Charity of Charles Péguy (1983), and The Orchards of Syon (2002)
5. Graham. 1929--75, British motor-racing driver: world champion (1962, 1968)
6. Octavia. 1838--1912, British housing reformer; a founder of the National Trust
7. Sir Rowland. 1795--1879, British originator of the penny postage
8. Susan (Elizabeth). born 1942, British novelist and writer of short stories: her books include I'm the King of the Castle (1970) The Woman in Black (1983), and Felix Derby (2002)

What does it mean when you dream about a hill?

To climb and climb is to struggle and not succeed, whereas to reach the top of the hill is to have succeeded.


A land surface feature characterized by strong relief; it is a prominence smaller than a mountain.
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The rain which was started in plains and snowfall in hilly and mountainous parts of the division in the wee hours continued the entire day.
Some of youngsters travelled on motorcycles from lower parts of the country to visit the hilly areas.
Another rise in mercury levels is expected on Sunday making the weather fair in the hilly areas and relatively hot in the Jordan Valley and Aqaba, it added.
Summer vacations were another factor encouraging domestic tourists to plan their trips to the beautiful hilly areas of northern Pakistan he added.
With the casualties safely on their way to hospital, Hilly went on to play a "blinder" - his word, not mine.
Hilly started as a counting clerk in 1949 and worked across the store until she retired in 1974.
The snowfall in these hilly regions had a direct impact as temperatures goes down in many states like Punjab, Haryana, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh.
All Hilly had told a jury how he got "a kick" out of choking women as he had sex with them.
The third annual Huddersfield Hilly Half Marathon raised PS8,000 for the Forget Me Not Children's Hospice (FMNCH) at Brackenhall.
Kill Devil Hill is likely to miss the Gold Cup at Cheltenham on Saturday and instead take his chance in the O'Connell Logistics Hilly Way Chase at Cork a day later.
CAMARILLO -- The Las Posas Country Club is a challenging course, with its hilly terrain and narrow fairways, but the Santa Ana winds provided another unforgiving element for the field of 71 girls' golfers Monday at the Southern Section Northern Individual Regional.
Sixteen-year-old Hilly and her older brother Ivan have always been extraordinarily close; both brilliant, they were home-schooled by their unconventional parents.