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see mulemule,
hybrid offspring of a male donkey (see ass) and a female horse, bred as a work animal. The name is also sometimes applied to the hinny, the offspring of a male horse and female donkey; hinnies are considered inferior to mules.
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a hybrid between a female ass and a stallion. In appearance, the hinny resembles the horse more than the ass; it is usually smaller than the mule (a hybrid between an ass and a mare) and not as strong. In China, the crossbreeding of large female Shangtung asses with stallions has resulted in large hinnies, which are stronger than Chinese mules. Hinnies, except those raised in China, have almost no economic significance.


the sterile hybrid offspring of a male horse and a female donkey or ass
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The expected score ratio is 7:11 (for every seven points the Whipiteres score the Hinnies are expected to score 11) and the odds are against Wirral with only a 16% chance of winning.
I don't think the Hinnies were used to playing against a team which preferred big hits and distraction techniques over positional blocking which they have been more used to while playing at a higher level.
How much do the imports of live horses, asses, mules, and hinnies vary from one country to another?
uk/souter-lighthouse-and-the-leas Galley Coffee Shop: Sample traditional dishes such as panackelty and singin'' hinnies followed by homemade scones or a piece of cake.
And a particular draw was Beamish Museum's first-ever outdoor display - and platefuls of Singing Hinnies.
It is mainly an all-female sport and the teams on show at the former Lightfoot Centre this weekend will be women's sides, with Newcastle's B team, the Whippin' Hinnies, taking on Kent Roller Girls at 1pm, and the A team, the Canny Belters', bout against Manchester Roller Derby Checker Broads at 2.
Visitors could taste Singin' Hinnies cooked the traditional way and take the recipe home with them.
SINGING hinnies, pease pudding and traditional sword dancers are all part of a day's work for staff at Procter and Gamble.
IF ya divvent na ya clarts from ya clags and hinnies from ya hadaways then this job isn't for you.
The industrial section's cookery classes include singing hinnies, a savoury supper dish, afternoon tea for one on a tray, something made from a wartime recipe, bottle of lemonade, and four hen's eggs.
Or how about singin' hinnies, bacon floddies, fat rascals, celery cheese, Whitley goose ( nothing to do with real geese), Newcastle pudding, courting cakes, Felton spice loaf, Northumberland twists, Holy Island syllabub, North country tart and kipper paste?
We've got Northumbrian flags, Northumbrian tartan, singing hinnies, stottie cakes, Northumbrian pipes, Geordie songs, we've got everything.