hip roof

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hip roof

[′hip ‚rüf]
A roof having four slopes; the two shorter ends are triangular.

hip roof

A roof which slopes upward from all four sides of a building, requiring a hip rafter at each corner.
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hipped roof, hip roof

A roof comprising adjacent flat surfaces that slope upward from all sides of the perimeter of the building, requiring a hip rafter along each intersection of the inclined surfaces; also see pyramidal roof.

hip roof, hipped roof

hip roof
A roof which slopes upward from all four sides of a building, requiring a hip rafter at each corner.
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The side angle in the hip roof design, affects mainly the south facing roof area.
A hip roof also reduces the height of the attic, so you're likely to bump your head on low, angled ceilings if you want to convert it to living space.
Tenders are invited for Replacement of the existing flat built-up roof systems and sloped metal roof systems with a new hip metal roof system, framing for the hip roof, roof insulation, and clerestory window replacement.
Mr and Mrs T Hussain, alterations to change hip roof to gable roof and building of front and rear dormer windows, 36 Dryclough Road, Crosland Moor.
Wrapping around the corner of a brick house, the other rain protector has the gentle pitch and shape of a hip roof.
The Forest Park model # 03-663K features 9' high ceilings throughout, and hip roof with decorative exterior dormers.
Tenders are invited for Removal and in-kind replacement of the existing copper roof finish of the dome, hip roof, and parapet, preparation and installation of epdm liner to existing built-in gutters, removal and in-kind replacement of wood sheathing, sandstone repointing, sandstone patching, cast iron disassembly and reassembly, in-kind window replacement, painting, and limited epdm roof installation to the national register listed Cascade County Courthouse.
bar] Glan Singh, variation of condition on application to alter roofline, formation of a gable instead of a hip roof end and a 1.
With glass in three walls, in two sides of its hip roof, and inclerestory windows beneath a raised section of roof, the 18-foot-square room has more glazing than energy codes allow.
Andrew Corporation (NASDAQ:ANDW) introduced a Hip Roof Kit for its line of RCS concrete shelters.
Tenders are invited for Qty 2: 40 Yard Rectangular Open Top Roll Off Bins Qty 3: 20 Yard Rectangular Open Top Roll Off Bins/with Qty 3: Recycle Hip Roof 3 Sliding Plastic Doors Per Side/with Qty 9: Dividers Qty 6: Extra Plastic Doors Each Side.
The new roof angles up from the joists: facing the street, the hip roof keeps the house from seeming too tall, but behind it dormers provide added headroom.