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a genus of bulbaceous, herbaceous perennial plants of the Amaryllidaceae family. There are about 75 subtropical and tropical American species that are raised everywhere (frequently under the name “amaryllis”) as house plants and in hothouses. In the south they are raised on open soil. They are plants with long ribbon-like or belt-like leaves and large funnel-shaped or bell-shaped flowers of various colors set on high floral shoots. The ribbon Hippeastrum (H. vittatum) and the tall Hippeastrum (H. procerum) are among the species raised in the USSR.


Dictionary of Gardening, 2nd ed., vol. 2. Oxford, 1956.


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THE hippeastrum is one of the most popular bulbs for the home,easy to grow and bearing huge, trumpet- shaped blooms for long periods to brighten the winter windowsill.
When you look at some of the relatives of hippeastrum such as amaryllis, clivia, galanthus and narcissus, you begin to realise that they are all capable of giving us a tremendous show and we should perhaps grow more of this family in our gardens and houses.
plant of the week hippeastrum (amaryllis)THESE large bulbs provide a bold,blousy burst of colour on any windowsill during the winter or spring, with funnel- shaped flowers measuring 5-6inacross,in shades of orange,purple, white,pink and red.
You can have a mass of colour and fragrance indoors in the darker days with deliciously scented hyacinths, hippeastrums and miniature daffodils, which can all be forced to brighten up your home in winter.
Like other hippeastrums, these are often available complete with a pot and compost for pounds 4.
STARS OF THE SHOW:; Hippeastrums brings the best out of surrounding houseplants; SCENT AND COLOUR: Wallflowers are essential plants for spring
Hippeastrums are just beautiful although I can't stop calling them amaryllis.
Garden centres should now be stocking up on bulbs that are sold specifically for forcing and which may include fragrant hyacinths, large-flowered crocuses, Hippeastrums, miniature daffodils and a few tulips - they should be marked 'prepared' in the shop.
Garden centres should now be stocking up on bulbs which are sold specifically for forcing, which may include fragrant hyacinths, large-flowered crocus, hippeastrums, miniature daffodils and a few tulips, which should be marked "prepared" in the shop.