hipped roof

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hipped roof, hip roof

A roof comprising adjacent flat surfaces that slope upward from all sides of the perimeter of the building, requiring a hip rafter along each intersection of the inclined surfaces; also see pyramidal roof.

hip roof, hipped roof

hip roof
A roof which slopes upward from all four sides of a building, requiring a hip rafter at each corner.
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Hipped roof with cross-gables, side-gabled roof, front-gabled roof, cross-gabled roof, and gambrel roof are all subtypes of this category.
Architect's plans show a sympathetic scheme of enlargement with pretty hipped roof lines and gables to match the original style.
the contract includes demolition of existing buildings, brick, slab single-storey building with a hipped roof (covering eternytov?
St Patrick's Church, listed building consent for repairs to existing hipped roof and rebuilding of two existing chimneys (conservation area), 30 New North Road.
It looks later 20th century with its plain glazing and hipped roof dormer, providing a useful upper storey above the integral garaging.
The three-storey, full basement accommodation building was built in the 30s in conventional construction as a masonry construction with steel stone ceilings and steep hipped roof in wood construction.
Mr M Thandi, extensions and alterations, and new hipped roof over house, 23 Hawkroyd Bank Road, Nether ton.
Penetrative roof cladding hipped roof of aluminum profiled sheets - Conform to the system lightweight steel construction,- Thermal insulation layer,- Half round gutter,- Attica cover- Photovoltaic system, system conforms to the roof cladding: elements.
J Fish, hipped roof to flat roof at 28 Banks Avenue, Golcar.
Mr and Mrs Turner, hipped roof to replace flat roof at 1 Moor Royd, Honley.
Priced at pounds 189,950 is Mulberry Cottage, a barn conversion in a mews style, at the end of its group and with an interesting corner plot and hipped roof detail.