hipped roof

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hipped roof, hip roof

A roof comprising adjacent flat surfaces that slope upward from all sides of the perimeter of the building, requiring a hip rafter along each intersection of the inclined surfaces; also see pyramidal roof.

hip roof, hipped roof

hip roof
A roof which slopes upward from all four sides of a building, requiring a hip rafter at each corner.
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All the houses have steep hipped roofs, bay windows, chimneys, coved ceiling cornices, and wide hallways - all classic features of the '30s style - while modern details include double glazing, central heating, high levels of insulation, and that ultimate mod con - the en suite bathroom.
There is also an unpretentious look to the whole house with its subtle hipped roofs and rows of pretty hipped dormers, set off by big plain chimney stacks.
The style is more nostalgic than one might have expected of the era and its foremost 'modern' designers, classic features including the sash windows, key stone detailing, two and half storeys and neat, hipped roofs and dormers.
The original, older house would have had a rather different, gabled style, before the introduction of the restrained hipped roofs with symmetrical, minihipped dormers topping its seven bays.
The roadside elevations take the traditional, early 20th century look, understated, rendered and under generous hipped roofs.