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1. a music hall, variety theatre, or circus
2. (in ancient Greece or Rome) an open-air course for horse and chariot races


In ancient Greece, a stadium for horse and chariot racing.

circus, hippodrome

In ancient Rome, a roofless enclosure for chariot or horse racing and for gladiatorial shows; usually a long oblong with one rounded end and a barrier down the center; seats for the spectators usually on both sides and around one end.


1. A circus.
2. A modern sports arena of any shape.
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The Hippodrome building will offer a truly unique experience for our employees," said Derek Stewart, Head of Real Estate at Indeed.
casino operator, The Hippodrome, located in the heart of London's historic Leicester Square.
It will be staged at the Hippodrome from June 28, 2016 to September 3, 2016.
The Hippodrome in West Derby Road is pictured about this time with a tram stopped to take on passengers heading for town.
Turkish contractor Ali Demirhan has completed the first stage of construction of 1,700-meter-long hippodrome in Dubai.
Glyn Hughes, 76, from Brynteg, said: "I used to go to the Hippodrome when I was young, it was one shilling nine pence then.
The Middlesbrough Hippodrome was his third collaboration with the Birmingham firm of theatre architects Owen and Ward - Mr G F Ward was the architect of the Civic Theatre, formerly the Hippodrome, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary in September.
Tracey Lawes, theatre manager at the Bristol Hippodrome, was delighted with the news, 'Judging by the amount of people who visited our theatre last Christmas, we have no doubt that this year's family pantomime Cinderella, starring the hilarious Julian Clary will have the same appeal and with a strictly limited three-week season, the cast will be playing to packed houses'.
In England, to cash in on the Great Exhibition, Batty's Hippodrome was built in 1851-3 in Kensington to house a circus.
The Hippodrome supplied feed and boxes and was part-owner of an adjoining hotel, at which the stable personnel were lodged.