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The division of the gut according to the methodology of current study agrees with the division adopted by histophysiology in Stroband and Van der Veen (1981).
Both processes occurred as part of the luminal compartment histophysiology, mainly into the myoconnective ductal structure of the vas deferens, as had been reported by the last authors cited.
Aside from the recent cytological studies in several species of spiders from Taiwan (Chen 1999) and the quantitative determination of genome sizes for 115 species of spiders by image analysis densitometry (Gregory & Shorthouse 2003), there have been few general studies of arachnid cytochemistry since the early reports by Millot (1926, 1949) on the histophysiology of many different types of cells from several species of spiders and the reports on the cytochemistry of silk glands of mygalomorph spiders by Palmer et al.