historic marker

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A sign, plaque, or monument that designates a building, site of historic importance, or boundary.
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Without the rise in financial stocks, the Dow would have missed the historic marker and lost ground for the day.
Secure existing historic marker at 1308 Colorado Boulevard 2.
The event concludes with a dedication and unveiling of a new state historic marker.
Rohwer Historic Marker Site of Japanese interment camp during World War II.
CUTLINE: (1) Belmont Hospital Laboratory, 251 Belmont St/Skyline Drive (2) Historic Marker at Belmont Street and Shrewsbury Street (3) Bentley-Jackson Cottage, 9 Earle Street (4) Rufus Chase House & Carriahe House, 114 Austin Street (5) Fitts Cottage, 32 Castle Street (6) Worcester State Hospital: Clock Tower Building & Hooper Turret, 305 Belmont Street (7) 41, 43, and 45 Lancaster Street (8) S.
The junior chamber erected a historic marker at the 18th tee to commemorate the frustration.
s Different Drummers, North Carolina Pride Band, and Flamingo Freedom Band of South Florida, among others, marching past the Liberty Bell Center and the Gay Pioneers Historic Marker to Independence Hall.
She's even ambitious enough to hope that someday there'll be a path to connect that pulloff to another one a short way down the highway, where there is already a historic marker.
Greg Bair sent in a photograph he took of a historic marker in Parkview, Ore.
As part of the festivities celebrating the 100th birthday of the Model T, coats of paint and years of grime are being carefully removed from the building's exterior before the installation of a large historic marker and period-correct signage.
To add to the celebration, Robertson's Flowers will decorate the historic marker that commemorates Anna Jarvis and Mother's Day located outside the Wanamaker Building.
On July 2, 2005 Barbara and Kay Attended the unveiling of the first official historic marker in the nation recognizing the Gay Rights Struggle.
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