historic marker

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A sign, plaque, or monument that designates a building, site of historic importance, or boundary.
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But the historic marker isn't on park property, so millions of visitors pass through the park and never learn about the groundbreaking protest.
If we do not achieve that, this is important as it will put down a historic marker to say that, when things go wrong in the future, the majority of doctors wanted this Bill withdrawn and opposed it in its entirety.
The evergreen goalkeeper is taking nothing for granted - a trainingground injury today would put everything on hold - but he is poised to set down a historic marker in a momentous Walsall career which began in October 1993 in a 1-0 home win over Gillingham.
STOCKTON Town put down a historic marker as they won their first game in the Wearside League.
Residents unveiled a new blue-and-yellow historic marker on June 13, 2008 for John Wesley Powell, best known for being the first explorer to navigate the length of the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.
Winn-Dixie passed a historic marker in January of this year, when it posted its earnings for its fiscal 2008 second quarter: The period was the fourth full quarter reported by the company since it emerged from bankruptcy protection.
Someday, I hope one of my readers will find him or herself standing in front of an historic marker in Wyoming reading about the Oregon Trail, and they'll look out over the high desert and will see just a faint trace of wagon ruts and a little chill will run up their spine because they'll remember how difficult the journey was for so many who walked the length of that trail.
They ought to put a historic marker there because that was where the modern Kentucky Republican Party was born," Al Cross, a veteran Kentucky political columnist, told me.
A historic marker was placed there recently in tribute to Ruth.
Today, not even a historic marker exists on Bird Key to remind us of Davie and Thomas Worcester and what was to have been their retirement paradise.
Welsh Americans plan to erect an historic marker in Dannville, Pennsylvania, where Merthyr Tydfil-born Dr Parry emigrated with his parents and seven brothers and sisters at the age of 12.
IT would be typical if the greatest driver of this, if not any, era were to lay down his historic marker at Silverstone tomorrow.
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