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hoarding, hoard

1. A rough and temporary wall or fence, usually at a construction site.
2. A covered wooden gallery projecting from the top of the wall of a medieval fortress to shelter the defenders and to increase facilities for defense.
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Site hoardings surrounding the Library of Birmingham in Centenary Square will feature a 'LivePanel' display during its construction, where a variety of plants will grow.
He clarified that the hoardings had come up before the polls were announced and warned that any fresh violation of the poll code would be dealt with sternly under the law.
The council's planning and development committee has set charges of pounds 20 for skips and building materials and pounds 100 for scaffolding and hoardings.
In an attempt to lighten the impact of the hoardings, city officials are considering a suitable painting or decoration scheme.
The extensive drive to remove the sign boards was launched in the city and rest of the district in view of the increased danger to the lives and properties of the local population as a result of installation of such big sign boards and hoardings along the major roads and streets during speedy wind storm besides to discourage the spreading of immoral messages in the society through certain objectionable writings on such hoardings, according to the sources.
People publicise religious programmes by putting up hoardings and posters.
Jacqui Ward was walking past the Bowmer and Kirkland Colmore Plaza development, in Colmore Circus, when she was struck by three hoarding panels loosened by high winds.
The car collided with the rear of a fire engine and a hackney cab before crashing through an advertising hoarding.
The administrator, presiding over a meeting of the officers of the Local Taxes Department here on Sunday, said all the hoardings in the jurisdictions of the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) should be in conformity with relevant bylaws.
Bulky hoardings may cause heavy loss of life if windstorm rages at the speed of 90 kilometre to 150 per kilometre.
At the hearing yesterday it emerged that hoardings at the same site had broken free during high winds six weeks earlier and that no safety designs had been calculated regarding the strength of the panels.
of oversized billboards, hoardings and posters to implement the code of conduct announced by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).