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hoarding, hoard

1. A rough and temporary wall or fence, usually at a construction site.
2. A covered wooden gallery projecting from the top of the wall of a medieval fortress to shelter the defenders and to increase facilities for defense.
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The pilgrims were about to give up the whole of their little hoard, but Roque bade them keep quiet, and turning to his men he said, "Of these crowns two fall to each man and twenty remain over; let ten be given to these pilgrims, and the other ten to this worthy squire that he may be able to speak favourably of this adventure;" and then having writing materials, with which he always went provided, brought to him, he gave them in writing a safe-conduct to the leaders of his bands; and bidding them farewell let them go free and filled with admiration at his magnanimity, his generous disposition, and his unusual conduct, and inclined to regard him as an Alexander the Great rather than a notorious robber.
With touching generosity, she modestly offered to aid me with her little hoard of savings, hoping I would 'excuse her for the liberty, but really, if I would do her the favour to accept it as a loan, she would be very happy.
Again, he resolved to hoard up this business, till the indiscretion of Jones should afford some additional complaints; for he thought the joint weight of many facts falling upon him together, would be the most likely to crush him; and he watched, therefore, some such opportunity as that with which fortune had now kindly presented him.
Together the hoards point to a prosperous coin-using economy in the area in the middle of the second century.
Paul uncovered one of the largest Anglo-Saxon coin hoards ever found in Britain, describing it as "pure fate".
If a person starts to hoard animals there is a host of money problems that will occur when a person hoards the creatures they are attached to.
And the health and safety hazards facing the person who hoards can be serious.
Despite a recent abundance of metal-detected Viking hoards, the Cuerdale Hoard remains a benchmark of the early medieval bullion economy.
BURIED treasure hoards fascinate, not least for the mystery which surrounds them.
In this catalog of ancient Greek coinage from recently discovered hoards, American Numismatic Society officials present ten articles that offer a survey of the hoards (featured in 67 plates) that have been documented since the last volume.
Treasure hoards of this nature are very rare things, and the Ashwell hoard is the first of its kind excavated for 200 years," he said.
At that time, steamboat lines were bringing hoards of summer visitors to Hull.