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see frostfrost
or hoarfrost,
ice formed by the condensation of atmospheric water vapor on a surface when the temperature of the surface is below 32°F; (0°C;). In the formation of frost, a gas (water vapor) is changed directly to a solid (see dew).
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ice crystals that form on surfaces on cold, clear, still nights. The particles of hoarfrost are similar in shape to snowflakes but are less regular. Like dew, hoarfrost forms because of the cooling of the surface of the earth as a result of thermal radiation, which causes a drop in the temperature of the adjacent layers of air and the sublimation of the water vapor on the surface, which is cooled below 0°C.


A deposit of interlocking ice crystals formed by direct sublimation on objects. Also known as white frost.


a deposit of needle-like ice crystals formed on the ground by direct condensation at temperatures below freezing point
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0] under the whitish patch were about 11-26% smaller than under the smooth ice without hoarfrost.
The easiest method used by operational staff of power systems was visual observation of the changes of color in contact junctions, steaming of contact junctions during rain, absence of hoarfrost during the first colds.
The dry, cold wind was blowing tirelessly over the bare hills and deserted fields which were covered with the first hoarfrost.
Theodore Rousseau's burning winter sunrise over the Qise, its darkness torch-streaked with carmine and gold, sets off a chain-shot of diamantine flames in the hoarfrost on the stony riverbank.
He added : "I think the new snow had drifted with the easterly wind on top of hoarfrost and that must have made for an unstable surface.
How right he is to say that the best time to see the Place des Vosges is on a sharp wintry day--when the bare branches of the trees are dusted with hoarfrost.
Too many glossy magazines have been showing almost ridiculous pictures of plants covered in hoarfrost in the most architectural settings, often of several acres.
The manna, "like wafers made with honey," fell from the sky six days a week, "fine as hoarfrost on the ground," and fed what some biblical scholars estimate were the 2,414,200 Israelites who lived for 40 years in the wilderness.
The windhover's wings Show, as it returns, white spots Where hoarfrost settled; How the desolation deepens Ono and its stand of bamboo grass.
The changeable weather over the three days was a true boon to visitors: warmth and sunshine on New Year's Day itself, colder weather and covered skies on day 2 gave way to a mountain blanketed in a thin but exquisite layer of frozen dew and hoarfrost, followed by day 3 during which a heavy snowfall transformed the area into a winter wonderland, providing visitors with three completely different and unique experiences which otherwise would have required three separate visits to achieve.
SOUTHBRIDGE - If you look up "rime" in the dictionary, you'll see it defined as hoarfrost, the same way Robert Conklin (Doug Brady) explains it to the crippled Eva Jackson (Paige Pellaton).