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The media will soon lose interest, the bureaucracy will go into a hold mode, while politicians begin their campaigning for state elections and general elections and the banks will continue to do what they do, because they have been given more money to play with.
The EV mode is electric power only, Hybrid auto mode decides the most appropriate use of power between diesel and electric and in Hybrid Hold mode the system stores the electric power for use at a later time in the journey when it would be more appropriate.
There is a battery hold mode, where you can keep the charge until you need it, for example at the city end of your travels.
The driver's choices included the hybrid hold mode that preserves the electrical energy stored in the battery for later use, the hybrid charge mode that uses the petrol engine to charge the battery and the hybrid auto mode that uses the petrol engine but also engages the electric motor automatically whenever possible.
The cylinder-shaped end of the tablet is good for reading in the hold mode and in the portrait position but in the landscape mode, it is uncomfortable and does not balance well in the hands due to the cylinder shape.
I've seen aircraft go into heading hold mode close to an airport, but I've never seen it happen on a long-range route, like Malaysia Airlines Flight 370," Nebbia told the (http://www.
Based on HoodTech Vision's latest EO imaging technology, the Alticam 05-EO5 features a four-axis stabilized gimbal system with coordinate hold mode and embedded video stabilization and tracking functions.
With only one flight director on, the auto-throttles entered a hold mode in FLC, retaining the idle thrust selected by the captain as he took over.
A digital input is now available, which can be configured via the menu, making it is possible to reset the totalizer, to go into the HOLD mode, to start a zero point calibration and to activate a replacement measurement value.
What is known is that when the Ampera does come to Europe it will have an additional hold mode that the current Chevrolet Volt doesn''t have in the US It''s a feature that allows the driver to hold the charge of the battery by using the range-extending petrol engine until he or she wants to switch to pure EV power -inside the London congestion zone for example.
The Model 983v2 static locator features a continuous mode that can easily measure fluctuation in charge levels, while the highest charge can be detected with the peak hold mode enabled, according to the firm.