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holistic medicine,

system of health care based on a concept of the "whole" person as one whose body, mind, spirit, and emotions are in balance with the environment. Stressing personal responsibility for health, a holistic approach may include conventional medicine and various nontraditional methods of diagnosis and therapy, e.g., acupunctureacupuncture
, technique of traditional Chinese medicine, in which a number of very fine metal needles are inserted into the skin at specially designated points. For thousands of years acupuncture has been used, along with herbal medicine, for pain relief and treatment of various
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, biofeedbackbiofeedback,
method for learning to increase one's ability to control biological responses, such as blood pressure, muscle tension, and heart rate. Sophisticated instruments are often used to measure physiological responses and make them apparent to the patient, who then tries
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, faith healing, folk medicine, megavitamin therapy, meditation, and yogayoga
[Skt.,=union], general term for spiritual disciplines in Hinduism, Buddhism, and throughout S Asia that are directed toward attaining higher consciousness and liberation from ignorance, suffering, and rebirth.
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. Patients are encouraged to establish self-regulated regimes to control such illness-related factors as poor diet, smoking, alcohol intake, and stress. Surgery and prescription drugs are generally avoided. See also alternative medicinealternative medicine,
the treatment and prevention of disease by techniques that are regarded by modern Western medicine as scientifically unproven or unorthodox. The term alternative medicine
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Each BLOG allowed students to embrace ideas of spirituality and holistic care in a controlled and safe environment.
Mental health patients will soon have the right to a comprehensive holistic care and treatment plan
The poor prognosis has improved significantly with adequate treatment and holistic care.
Talking to UNI, she said, ''Padho aur Badho is an GAIL-AROH initiative, which aims to restore childhood of poor children, including rag pickers, street vendors, waste pickers and beggars by providing holistic care and preparing them for admission to formal schools.
At Ascension Health, spirituality is central to its mission statement, which states, "Our Catholic health ministry is dedicated to spiritually centered, holistic care which sustains and improves the health of individuals and communities.
It gives the opportunity of one-to-one nursing and to be the key worker for that patient and give holistic care.
The findings support a holistic care plan for families in need, combining skill-based interventions with social recommendations.
This text/CD-ROM package for students and nurses focuses on holistic care, critical thinking, validating practice, and tools of care.
In particular it provides the reader with an insight into the interdisciplinary and holistic care required for this client group.
There is a danger that "task-based" or "tickbox" care is introduced instead of holistic care.
While this type of holistic care is of value in many ways, one thing that children do miss out on is some of the processes that are part and parcel of the larger scale adult units, including the use of protocols to maintain a consistency across decision-making and ensure best practices are followed.
The AACS Hospital with its experienced world class surgeons adds a new dimension to the wide spectrum of region's existing healthcare providers, by providing holistic care across the full range of healthcare services.