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Because language is used to communicate and have meaning, and because research shows that students bring much linguistic acumen to the learning classroom, it makes sense to learn holistically.
It shows pet owners how to treat animals holistically, using flower essences (or herbal tinctures), based on their own individual personalities.
Unlike other companies, which sometimes compete by cutting prices and flooding the market with products, Acer tackled its mission holistically, focusing on end-to-end service.
I would direct engineers involved with lost foam casting to gain a better understanding of the dynamic interaction between liquid aluminum and polystyrene foam, This must be accomplished holistically in that the entire process must be evaluated for effects on this critical interaction, Our goal is to obtain predictability beyond current production so the process can be accurately modeled.
On the national level, ETS has spent twenty years and huge sums of money to establish convergent validity between their objective tests of writing competence and holistically scored essays.
We call it "Managing Our Ongoing and New Systems: the Holistically Integrated Nanosecond Enterprise.
That gap can be filled by teaching engineers to design holistically, he says.
Serving Midwest's First Holistically Sustainable Community Bank
It also tells us what it is about our experience with faces that leads us to treat them holistically.
The Campus Improvement Plan serves as a blueprint for holistically addressing the needs of the campus as it strives to bring its vision to fruition.
The result is a holistically developed design package, which addresses the programmatic needs driven by the workplace requirements within the architectural vision.
Holistically, it can be used to accurately assess the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual patterns and weaknesses for a complete health analysis.