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However the timber studs are not always at convenient spaces and that's when you need to use hollow wall fixings for support.
Attach the bracket to the wall using plasterboard fixings (screw-in plug type) or hollow wall anchors.
For plasterboard, drill a hole for the hollow wall fixing to neatly pop through the plasterboard.
Older houses sometimes have hollow walls dividing rooms ( a type of partition made with a timber framework covered in thin strips of wood, known as laths, which serve as a base for the plaster.
Due to the nature of the building, said Mr Loach, firefighters were having to cut into the hollow walls of the school to make sure the fire had not spread into cavities.
If there aren't any joists, use screws suitable for hollow walls.
All the elements of the structure are produced with hollow walls in which water circulates for forced cooling during melting and cooling of the ingot.