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(science and technology)
Having a concave surface.
Having an interior cavity.

What does it mean when you dream about something hollow?

Something that is hollow retains the outer form, but is missing the core, the substance. A dream about a hollow object can reflect a feeling that despite the fact that everything is outwardly okay, something essential is missing.

cavetto, gorge, hollow, throat, trochilus

examples of a cavetto
A hollow member or round concave molding containing at least the quadrant of a circle, used in cornices and between the tori of bases, etc. Erroneously called scotia, which has a noncircular curvature.
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There are enough examples of Dali's weak points--absurd conceits and motifs, growing hollower as they are reiterated--to give a clear view of his trajectory, but they are not prominent enough to be dispiriting.
Yet his message of "don't panic" sounds hollower each time.
And its replacement, "consubstantial," is hollower and even less intriguing.
Congdon's call for privatizing the Bank of England rings even hollower when he holds up as a model of a privately funded central bank--mirabile dictu--the Federal Reserve System of the United States.
The official coding of what happened in the 1990s as a "national tragedy" (46) of which all are victims and none perpetrators is an even hollower repetition of the same logic.