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(science and technology)
Having a concave surface.
Having an interior cavity.

What does it mean when you dream about something hollow?

Something that is hollow retains the outer form, but is missing the core, the substance. A dream about a hollow object can reflect a feeling that despite the fact that everything is outwardly okay, something essential is missing.

cavetto, gorge, hollow, throat, trochilus

examples of a cavetto
A hollow member or round concave molding containing at least the quadrant of a circle, used in cornices and between the tori of bases, etc. Erroneously called scotia, which has a noncircular curvature.
References in classic literature ?
She fell upon the iron cot, her fragile body scarcely hollowing the worn springs.
Supported by an exhaustive amount of research, including almost 80 pages of notes and an index, Hollowed Out decries American governmental policies that have favored the wealthy over the struggling (for example, big banks get government bailouts, while small business owners, homeowners, and students do not), examines why the hollowing out of the middle class is so harmful (one problem is that as the American middle class has a smaller piece of the pie, they can afford to spend less, and lower consumer demand leads to fewer jobs and economic recessions), compares America to other developed nations which don't have quite as steep a grade of income inequality, and offers possible solutions.
The gas, when applied to a small part, primarily carries out a packing function, rather than hollowing out the part to a significant degree.