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(science and technology)
Having a concave surface.
Having an interior cavity.

What does it mean when you dream about something hollow?

Something that is hollow retains the outer form, but is missing the core, the substance. A dream about a hollow object can reflect a feeling that despite the fact that everything is outwardly okay, something essential is missing.

cavetto, gorge, hollow, throat, trochilus

examples of a cavetto
A hollow member or round concave molding containing at least the quadrant of a circle, used in cornices and between the tori of bases, etc. Erroneously called scotia, which has a noncircular curvature.
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Somewhere between parody and deconstruction, Levine's protagonists reveal the hollowness of contemporary literary realism, and the questionable expectations it reflects.
Summary: BEIRUT: Hollowness is usually defined as a space or a gap within an entity or substance.
The hollowness she had felt for the last few weeks had engulfed her as she made her way to the course and, as she stood in front of the gates, it threatened to overcome her.
He is feted the world over for his long-ago achievements, which linked his name with Einstein, but he is only just beginning to realise the hollowness of his fame.
His message, and a powerful ad campaign, will focus on demonstrating the hollowness of Maliki's claims to have brought security and stability to Iraq.
His message, and a powerful adcampaign, will focus on demonstrating the hollowness of Maliki's claims tohave brought security and stability to Iraq.
Their hollowness allows them to penetrate cells, and they have a tunable ability to absorb light at the visible and near infrared end of the spectrum.
If children sleep/after the day's unfoldings, the wheel/of gifts and griefs, may their breathing/ease the strange hollowness we feel.
Edward engaged with contemporary ideas happily but unlike some of his fans he did not try and compensate for the hollowness of a hole by constructing a hollow dome over it to both frame and enlarge the original.
In fact, in the modern world hollowness is a positive quality; as one lover tells Tanya, hollowness makes a person seem trustworthy me.
Scientific advancements have exposed the hollowness of religious theories propounded by all the religious textbooks.
That leaves himself to undertake the task, and to that end he has compiled 24 mini-essays and philosophical jingles that expose the hollowness and banality of what passes for God talk in contemporary America.