holy water

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holy water,

in Christian churches, water blessed to symbolize spiritual cleansing. In Roman Catholic churches there is a bowl (stoup or font) of holy water near the doors, so that the faithful may bless themselves with it on entering. Holy water is a sacramentalsacramental,
in the Roman Catholic Church, aid to devotion that is not a sacrament. Sacramentals are commonly divided into six classes: prayer, anointing, eating, confession, giving, and blessings.
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 and is used in formal blessings, including the aspergesasperges
, ceremonial sprinkling of the people with holy water by the priest before the Sunday High Mass in the Roman Catholic Church. The accompanying antiphon begins, Asperges me, Domine, hyssopo et mundabor
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Holy Water

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Water that is used in religious and/or magical rites. It is usually ordinary water to which salt has been added and that has been consecrated before use. In Witchcraft, this consecration is done by placing the forefinger or the tip of an athamé into the water while asking that all negativity be removed and all good enter into it.

It was once thought that Christian holy water was a powerful witch deterrent. It was also considered a protection from sickness and a cure for many ailments. In some towns and villages, churches had lockable lids fastened to the fonts to stop people from helping themselves to the powerful panacea.

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The project is using the highly advanced technology to make available of the holy water, with preserving its purity and unique quality, to the largest number of pilgrims and visitors to the Grand Mosque in Makkah and the Prophet's Mosque in Madinah.
Implementing agency : Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education in Seoul Seongdong Elementary holy water
As per reports, the plan to provide the holy water has already been implemented by some of the e-commerce websites and for a litre bottle sourced from Gomukh, the place from where the river originates, the e-commerce company charges Rs 299.
Then he flicked more holy water on the watching relatives of Russian officials involved in the mission.
But not before someone urinated in the holy water font.
The study noted some ways to help address the problem, including regularly replacing holy water in church fonts.
The research showed there were up to 62 million bacteria on average in every millilitre of holy water.
During a mass on 25 April in famous cave church, the Saint Samns church in Moqattam, worshippers were sprayed with holy water by the priests.
Glynn's mother told Toby to stop filling her son's head with nonsense, but Glynn was hooked, and after finding out where Penelope lived, he and Louise decided they'd confront her with the Bible, and holy water.
We take water to pilgrims' residences in covered trucks, while our women officials visit hospitalized pilgrims and supply them with bottles of holy water," he said.
Partab Bajaj reacted very sharply after the bath and said the holy water is not enough for the extent of sins they did.
Summary: A Catholic priest from a small Mexican town has turned on his own congregation armed with a watergun which was loaded with holy water.