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Second order selection refers to habitat available within the home range versus general availability across the study area.
Scaly-sided Merganser, Daily travel distance, Mergus squamatus, Daily home range, Group characteristics.
Because our aim is not a comparison of the several available home range calculation methods, we show the most commonly used (Minimum Convex Polygon, Kernel and Brownian Bridges), without making inferences about which method is the best; but evaluating the effects that result from using different data gathering techniques (origin-different data sets) for the same individual.
Research on home range, habitat use patterns, and activity can provide valuable ecological information (Harris et al.
To develop accurate management guidelines, more information is needed on the habitat selection and home range size of turkeys at their northern range periphery.
We estimated second-order availability of forest structure characteristics at home range scale (Johnson, 1980), based on the relative amounts of three canopy-cover classes and five basal-area classes within the minimum convex polygon created from all radiolocations of squirrels captured in each study area (Guthery et al.
Biologists and hunters know increased hunting pressure can alter a deer's home range by shifting their movements into dense cover areas or refuges.
Numerous studies have shown that a buck's home range size is highly variable and not strongly correlated to age, daily movements or any number of factors,", said Ross.
An animal's home range is the area where it finds the resources it needs for survival and reproduction (Burt 1943); essentially it is a measure of spatial use for a given period of time.