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A tissue that has been finely divided and mixed.



a suspension of subcellular particles of pulverized animal or plant tissue in a buffer or other solution; the suspension is usually obtained with the aid of a special device called a homogenizer. Differential centrifugation, among other methods, is used to separate such microscopic cell structures as organelles and such molecular structures as proteins, nucleic acids, and lipids from the homogenate. Homogenates are also used to study biochemical reactions outside an organism (in vitro).

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The activity in the liver homogenate exhibited a significant reduction in the RC group (P=0.
The CK activity only in the homogenate was determined spectrophotometrically with commercial CK kit (Nanjing Jiancheng Bioengineering Institute, China).
Initially, we inoculated a 200-[micro]L sample of tick homogenate into HuH-7 cells in separate T-25 flasks, monitored the flasks daily for cytopathic effect, and harvested on day 5 or 6.
However, no significant differences in the 5-HT levels of brain homogenate could be found between the saline treatment subgroups of MI, depression, MI + depression and control groups ( P = 0.
For GPx activity, 100 [micro]L of adipocyte homogenate was suspended in 1.
Owing to a lack of independence in the source snails, separate analyses were run for the swab and homogenate samples.
The nitrite/nitrate and MDA were assayed colorimetrically in homogenates of kidney, testis, spleen and jejunum according to the methods of Green et al.
Experiments were performed on 10 dates from June to August 2011 for trials with krill homogenate and 7 times from October 2011 to February 2012 for trials with DMS.
Intestinal homogenate seems to act preferentially on substrates with single glucose units bound to alkyl chain (crocin-2 and crocin-5), while substrates that exclusively bear gentiobioside units (crocin-1 and crocin-4) are hardly affected.
Determination of oxidative markers in whole body homogenate (cytosolic fraction)
The level of GSH in the brain homogenate was determined by the method of Moron et al with slight modification.
Determined at 41[degrees]C by incubating 40 [micro]l of duodenal homogenate with 200 gl of 1 mM inositolhexaphosphoric sodium salt and 200 [micro]l of 25 mM Mg[Cl.