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A tissue that has been finely divided and mixed.



a suspension of subcellular particles of pulverized animal or plant tissue in a buffer or other solution; the suspension is usually obtained with the aid of a special device called a homogenizer. Differential centrifugation, among other methods, is used to separate such microscopic cell structures as organelles and such molecular structures as proteins, nucleic acids, and lipids from the homogenate. Homogenates are also used to study biochemical reactions outside an organism (in vitro).

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SOD activity (figure 3) was found to be decreased in all the homogenates of the irradiated groups.
We recently reported (Bin-Jaliah) that apoptosis is involved in the pathology of CUS-induced LVD because CUS augmented the apoptotic enzyme, caspase-3 and inhibited the survival protein, Bcl-2 in LV homogenates.
And then 1 mL of the homogenate was centrifuged (32,000 g, 4[degrees]C, 5 min), 0.
Reextraction and testing of the original tick homogenates using both primer/probe sets NP1 and PB1 confirmed BRBV RNA in all 3 pools.
The concentration of TNF, IL10, ITGAM, and IL1B was detected by ELISA in the hepatocyte homogenates, and the results showed that these inflammatory factors, especially TNF, IL10, and IL1B, were significantly elevated in the pSS group than the control (p = 0.
The LPO index in adipocyte homogenates increased significantly in OvxF and OvxF + T groups as compared to F group (p = 0.
Supplementary swabs and homogenates from the tissues of seven additional snails were undertaken by streaking onto fresh marine agar to obtain pure cultures.
induced a non-significant decrease in MDA level in jejunum, while the MLE at a dose of 800 mg/kg, caused a highly significant reduction in kidney, testis and spleen tissue homogenates.
Interestingly it was observed (Table 1A) that 5 h incubation with intestinal homogenates weakly reduced crocin-1 amount (-18%) while crocin-2 and crocin-5 disappeared dramatically (-84% and -62%, respectively).
2] levels and in the mitochondrial MDA content as well as in the activities of catalase and SOD in whole body homogenates was detected when compared to PQ-MEL, Control, and MEL groups.
Treatment of 35-ppt-acclimated ESL crabs with injections of whole eyestalk homogenates administered at 0, 12, and 24 h post-treatment eliminated the aforementioned 1.