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The molding that is projected above the arch over a door or window. Also known as drip; label.

drip, headmold, hoodmold, label, throating, weather molding

drip, 4
1. The outermost projecting molding around the top of a door or window, to discharge rainwater.
2. A throat, 2.
3. A pipe, or a steam trap and a pipe considered as a unit, which conducts condensation from the steam side of a piping system to the water or return side of the system.
4. A container that is typically installed at a low point in a gas piping system to collect condensate (i.e., liquids that may form within the gas system).

hoodmold, hood molding

The projecting molding of the arch over a door or window, whether inside or outside; also called a dripstone.