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city (1990 pop. 9,643), seat of Hempstead co., SW Ark. Hope is a commercial center and a distribution point for an agricultural region. Its industries include food processing, printing, and the making of machinery and apparel. The city was the boyhood home of President Bill Clinton.


See also Optimism.
Hopelessness (See DESPAIR.)
emblem of optimism; steadfastly secured the soul in adversity. [N.T.: Hebrews, 6:18–19]
traditional representation of hope. [Flower Symbol-ism and Heraldry: Jobes, 341]
Emigrants, The
shows Norwegians in Dakota wheatlands striving for better life. [Nor. Lit.: The Emigrants, Magill I, 244–246]
flowering almond
symbol of spring; blooms in winter. [Flower Symbolism: Jobes, 71]
Great Pumpkin, the
awaited each Halloween by Linus. [Comics: “Peanuts” in Home, 542]
symbol of optimism. [Flower Symbolism: Flora Symbolica, 174; Kunz, 328]
Iceman Cometh, The
“The lie of the pipe dream is what gives life.” [Am. Lit.: The Iceman Cometh]
Of Mice and Men
portrays a philosophy that humans are made of hopes and dreams. [Am. Lit.: Of Mice and Men]
God’s assurance He would not send another great flood. [O.T.: Genesis, 9:12–16]
symbol of optimism. [Flower Symbolism: Flora Symbolica, 177; Kunz, 326]


1. Anthony, real name Sir Anthony Hope Hawkins. 1863--1933, English novelist; author of The Prisoner of Zenda (1894)
2. Bob, real name Leslie Townes Hope. 1903--2003, US comedian and comic actor, born in England. His films include The Cat and the Canary (1939), Road to Morocco (1942), and The Paleface (1947). He was awarded an honorary knighthood in 1998
3. David (Michael). born 1940, British churchman, Archbishop of York from 1995


A functional programming language designed by R.M. Burstall, D.B. MacQueen and D.T. Sanella at University of Edinburgh in 1978. It is a large language supporting user-defined prefix, infix or distfix operators. Hope has polymorphic typing and allows overloading of operators which requires explicit type declarations. Hope has lazy lists and was the first language to use call-by-pattern.

It has been ported to Unix, Macintosh, and IBM PC.

See also Hope+, Hope+C, Massey Hope, Concurrent Massey Hope.


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We've been praying and hoping against hope that something comes up.
AS a lifelong Coventry City supporter who has been checking the iccoventry website every day hoping against hope for good news about our beloved Sky Blues, I would like to say a few thank yous.
I was particularly hoping against hope for a much more Gospel-oriented outcome.
Of her grandmother, who lived her entire life in Northridge, Woodruff-Pak said, ``I remember her so wanting to know what happened -- and actually hoping against hope that he was still alive.
Imagine having a death sentence over your head, and hoping against hope for an unlikely reprieve.
After years of bloodshed, we hold our breath again, hoping against hope that it will be a lasting peace.
Perhaps Peter should take up this matter with a little more enthusiastic support for the poor people hoping against hope to get a place to live.
She also has real insight into the magical thinking of a 13-year-old who is hoping against hope that if he holds up his end of the bargain by doing what's expected of him that his brother will somehow be okay.
In their curious vigilance and hoping against hope, both Lola and Simone are beautiful Advent figures.
Others are staggering, and many others are clinging to the ropes, hoping against hope that a lawsuit will not blindside them and take away their ability to stay in business and provide care to those they serve.
And many Capitol Hill liberals, though they wouldn't say so out loud, were hoping against hope that a wounded Trent could hang on for a while longer.
Baird's proactive approach was shunned by most in the abortion movement who, according to the book's authors, had "succumbed to magical thinking, hoping against hope that if they ignore the violence it will vanish.