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primer of a kind in use from the 15th to the 18th cent. On one side of a sheet of parchment or paper the matter to be learned was written or printed; over the sheet, for its protection, a transparent sheet of horn was placed; and the two were fastened to a thin board, which usually projected to form a handle, perforated so that the hornbook might be attached to a girdle. The matter printed or written included the alphabet in capitals and small letters and other material, varying in different hornbooks, such as numerals and the Lord's Prayer. Sometimes the base and handle were made of metal, stone, or ivory and had letters carved or cast on them.


See A. W. Tuer, History of the Hornbook (2 vol., 1896, repr. 1968).

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As hornbook, the human heart is not just the object to be read but at the same time that which teaches to read.
For example, in a class reviewing colonial America, a student may present the potholder as a hornbook to show what colonial students used for writing in one-room schoolhouses.
As a professional review journal with eighty-five years of experience, The Hornbook Magazine is uniquely qualified to offer expert advice on juvenile literature.
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But while the shonen (boy) and shojo (girl) series common in American bookstores extend into an intimidating number of volumes, their content is often schematic, so thoroughly vetted for their youth audience that many seem adopted from some hornbook.
He obviously has not read Death And Dr Hornbook or To A Louse - there's no romance in those, "It's real hard humour.
an up-to-date analysis and synthesis of constitutional law; a superior resource on the constitutional aspects of federal jurisdiction; the popular one-volume student hornbook is keyed to this treatise.