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primer of a kind in use from the 15th to the 18th cent. On one side of a sheet of parchment or paper the matter to be learned was written or printed; over the sheet, for its protection, a transparent sheet of horn was placed; and the two were fastened to a thin board, which usually projected to form a handle, perforated so that the hornbook might be attached to a girdle. The matter printed or written included the alphabet in capitals and small letters and other material, varying in different hornbooks, such as numerals and the Lord's Prayer. Sometimes the base and handle were made of metal, stone, or ivory and had letters carved or cast on them.


See A. W. Tuer, History of the Hornbook (2 vol., 1896, repr. 1968).

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All needs must there begin, that would be wise, Nor let them fall under Discouragement, Who at their hornbook stick, and time hath spent, Upon that A.
2 cm) is, in fact, a hornbook printed on thick cardboard and contains exactly the same text described above, though enlarged and bordered on all four sides by illustrations for each of the capital letters of the alphabet.
If Collected Field Notes marked a slow lapse into the poet's silence, The Hornbooks of Rita K marks a welcome return of one of Canada's foremost poets.
In addition to these numbered hornbooks are others lettered A-K.
The Hornbooks of Rita K marks a radical departure from Kroetsch's Collected Field Notes, reissued last year by the University of Alberta Press, even as his sensibility remains postmodern and multivocal.
Through the hornbooks, the CPLR commentaries, and the myriad articles and practice notes, there is a distinct and instantly recognizable style and focus.
2d at 433 (citing a Siegel hornbook for the proposition that "summary judgment is a great benefit both to the parties and to the overburdened New York State trial courts" (citing DAVID D.
Our litany, I admit, was a bit different from the collections published by, say, the New York Times (8) and includes entries that probably do not enjoy bold-face status in the hornbooks.
ON FIRST READING REHNQUIST'S JURISPRUDENCE (32) Much have I studied in the realms of law, And many goodly cases and hornbooks read; Round many western law schools have I led Discussions on what Athena saw.